February 22, 2012

Welcome to BBC Future

New section will engage readers with entertaining, inspiring and forward-thinking content about science, technology, health and environment

New York, NY – BBC Worldwide today announced the launch of BBC Future, the latest section. Informative and entertaining, BBC Future presents readers with an inspiring, forward-thinking and global array of content – going beyond reporting to delve deep into the personal and societal implications of topical developments in science, technology, health and environment.

Launching with a lineup of regular columns, feature reports, infographics and video, BBC Future is the new home of thought-provoking insights from leading writers and personalities in science and technology, including: award-winning science writer Ed Yong, renowned Smithsonian Paleofuturist Matt Novak, technology journalist Sharon Weinberger plus video content from BBC’s flagship tech TV show, Click.

BBC Future will explore a fascinating assortment of concrete and abstract questions, from ‘Why do we remember faces and not names?’, to medical myths such as ‘Should you ever wake someone who’s sleepwalking?’ and ‘Will we ever decode dreams?’. Long-form features will investigate current debates in these fields as well as emerging and newsworthy issues such as whether there are social media algorithms that can predict the future and new ideas for feeding the world’s seven billion residents.

BBC Future will attempt to unearth answers to ancient questions while also offering a take on the most current of conundrums and trends, all with an authoritative and entertaining voice,” said Nick Ascheim, BBC Worldwide Americas’ Senior Vice President of Digital Media. “This launch, coupled with our successful introduction of BBC Travel, is part of our continued commitment to content that our audiences crave and our advertisers want to be associated with.”

“Every story aims to combine the cutting edge with an understanding of how these advances affect our everyday lives,” said Jonathan Fildes, Editor of BBC Future added. “So,whether you want to know the type of car you will be driving in ten years or how scientists are unraveling the complexities of our brains, BBC Future will have an answer.”

Visitors to BBC Future will be able to continue their journey and conversation with others via Twitter and Facebook where fans will be asked to contribute their thoughts and experiences on the subjects.

This latest addition to is part of the site’s ongoing strategy to offer users a more relevant and engaged experience.  It follows last year’s launch of the BBC Travel section and the launch of an Asia-Pacific homepage in November 2011.  The launch of BBC Future is supported by commercial partner LEXUS in the U.S.