January 10, 2013

Under The Hood Of Autos Launch

New site focuses on the passionate side of driving, car buying and ownership

New York, NY – BBC Worldwide America today announced the launch of BBC Autos (, an entertaining, insightful daily read examining the passionate side of automobiles – touching on design, technology, community and culture. BBC Autos will complement and build upon the vast automotive content produced by BBC News, BBC Sport and Top Gear.

Whether you want to know how Formula 1 influences what the rest of us drive or take an insightful spin from behind the wheel of the newest sports cars or are curious about fascinating cultural and technical differences in autos from one country to the next, BBC Autos will drive the auto-enthused driven to visit the section every day and inspire them to fuel their own automotive passions.

What’s under the hood?

  • Personality – Recently announced Associate Editor, Jonathan Schultz, brings his expertise and unique perspective from The New York Times to this new spin on the auto world.
  • Car-Tribes– BBC Autos focuses not only on the cars, but also the engineers, designers and even local enthusiasts – profiling “car-tribes” that are drawn together over a shared automotive passion.
  • Perspective – As a feature-based content hub, BBC Autos will unpack expert perspectives and unique dimensions of automobile culture and industry.
  • Visual Storytelling – From a video series that tests cars using ordinary people in real-world driving challenges to exploring the journey behind the evolution of a popular car or feature, BBC Autos takes readers on an engaging, highly visual journey that goes beyond car reviews.

“We’ve made a commitment to expand and enrich with new feature sections that delve into the topics our audience are most interested in, and BBC Autos was an easy choice for our next offering,” said Nick Ascheim, SVP Consumer Digital of BBC Worldwide Americas. “Not only did autos stand out in our customer research, but our advertising partners also indicated a strong interest in the subject area, particularly given the strength of our existing coverage from BBC News and BBC Sport, and of course because of the connection to everyone’s favorite, Top Gear.”

Visitors to BBC Autos will be able to continue their journey and conversation with others via Twitter and Facebook, where fans will contribute their opinions and experiences.

In the U.S., the launch of BBC Autos is supported by commercial partner Cadillac.