August 15, 2011

The Hit BBC Show 3rd & Bird! Launches on Disney Junior – Monday, September 26

The animated pre-school series from Little Airplane

New York, NY -– 3rd & Bird!, the hit BBC preschool series from Josh Selig and Little Airplane Productions, will have its U.S. premiere Monday, September 26, 12:00p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel’s Disney Junior programming block for kids 2-7 and their families. Disney Junior will air all 25 episodes – 20 minutes each – plus one additional holiday special. The series will air weekdays at 12:00 p.m., ET/PT and weekends at 6:30 a.m., ET/PT.

Created in bold and colorful photo-puppetry animation – a style of animation uniquely created by production company Little Airplane – the vibrant treetop community of 3rd & Bird! is alive with singing, whistling and dancing. Each episode is filled with music and songs revolving around the lives of adorable birds: Muffin Lovebird, Samuel and their friend Rudy, who live, learn and play in the branches of a beautiful majestic tree. Through stories told about diversity, tolerance and perseverance, the series helps children to develop social skills that are integral to the functioning of a healthy community.

Each episode sees Muffin and her friends encountering a problem relevant to the pre-school age group, such as making new friends, learning a new skill or going somewhere for the first time. Although it addresses important social issues, the program is also clever, playful and full of comedy.

International recording artist Ziggy Marley is among the show’s guest stars and provides the voice of Ziggy the Parrot.  Marley also composed and sings several songs on the episode in which he stars. Bird sounds and music specially created by world champion music whistler Michael Barimo are featured throughout each episode. All the music for 3rd& Bird!is produced by Little Airplane’s three-time Emmy Award-winning Musical Director, Jeffrey Lesser.

Sold by BBC Worldwide to Disney Junior, 3rd & Bird! was created by Josh Selig (The Wonder Pets!Small Potatoes) and is produced in London and New York by his company Little Airplane ProductionsBBC Worldwide is currently seeking licensed consumer products partners for the U.S., across all major categories.