September 25, 2014

Silent Witness

From the First Season to the Seventeenth, This Long-Running BBC Crime Drama Brings Fresh Mysteries from the Morgue

Silent Witness: Season One

Silent Witness: Season Seventeen

Street Date: October 21, 2014
Suggested Retail Price: DVD $34.98 ($43.98 in Canada)
Length (Season One): Approx. 360 mins / 2-disc set
Length (Season Seventeen): Approx. 512 mins / 3-disc set

New York,  NYBefore CSI: Crime Scene Investigation… before Bones… before NCISSilent Witness brought viewers from the crime scenes to the laboratories where forensic evidence speaks louder than words. BBC Home Entertainment is bringing the popular long-running procedural drama to DVD for the first time in North America on October 21, 2014 – releasing not only the first season but also the most recent seventeenth season (with more seasons to be released in the coming months).

Created by Nigel McCrery, a former murder squad detective in Nottingham, England, Silent Witness mixes a unique blend of crime mystery, science and detection. The plot centers on a dedicated and driven team of forensic pathologists as they use their scientific expertise and unquenchable thirst for the truth to unravel clues in mysterious and suspicious deaths. Every body tells a story: who they were, how they lived, and most importantly, how they died. With consistently engaging and imaginative writing, Silent Witness is one of the BBC’s most successful and longest-running dramas. From the first season into the eighth, the team is led by the intelligent and challenging Dr. Samantha Ryan (Amanda Burton, Bronson). During the eighth season (and continuing into the seventeenth), a new female lead character is introduced: Dr. Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox, Merlin). Surrounding them are a rotating cast of characters, but the team always continues on an unwavering and hugely satisfying quest for the truth.