January 14, 2016

Sherlock Special Enjoys Global Cinema Success

North America Grossed $2.7 Million in Two Day Event

London, UK /New York, NY – The 90 minute Victorian special, Sherlock: The Abominable Bride, released in more than 6,000 screens in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, and has already been seen by over five million people in these countries to date. It took the #1 spot in Hong Kong and South Korea for English language releases and for its Chinese premiere on January 4, it was the #1 English language release at the box office for four days, (Jan 4 – 7 inclusive).  In South Korea, Sherlock over took Star Wars: The Force Awakens in its opening week and outsold the franchise four to one.

In the U.S., following its premiere on PBS/Masterpiece, BBC Worldwide North America (BBCWNA) held limited release cinema events on over 750 screens in the U.S. (January 5 and 6) and Canada (January 4 and 6).  In the U.S., the cinema event had the highest gross per-screen average out of the top 10 films of all nationwide releases, including Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and ranked No. 5 in the box office overall.  The theatrical events grossed $2.7 million in North America.

Sue Vertue of Hartswood Films and producer of Sherlock states, “Thank you to all the fans around the world that have enjoyed our special episode.  I’m pleased to say that preparations for Series 4 are well underway…the game continues…”

In China its box office revenue has exceeded $19 million whilst in South Korea, it has taken over $7 million.

In Australia, the special grossed over Aus$750k from its limited theatrical release on January 2 and 3.  The cinema screenings supported the premiere on streaming service STAN where it is fast becoming one of its most watched shows.

In Europe, the special was screened in 86 cinemas in Poland, with 37,000 fans enjoying the one-night event on January 7 and in Russia it was top of the box office on its  January 4 debut based on per screen average with ticket sale revenues at 4.3 million roubles that day despite having premiered on network television three days previously.

In the UK, the show received a very limited screening in select cinemas whilst being simulcast on BBC One.  A total of 18,600 fans enjoyed the special on the big screen across 127 cinemas nationwide.

Sherlock is licensed to over 225 territories globally and The Abominable Bride is still to transmit across many international TV networks. It has been screened in cinemas in over 20 countries to date.