May 3, 2012

Heist-drama Opens The Vault And Explores The Minds Of Three Ordinary Men Crossing The Moral Divide

BBC AMERICA’s Dramaville presents Inside Men, a robbery-story told in reverse, starring Steven Mackintosh, Warren Brown and Ashley Walters

“A tense, knuckle-gnawing thriller, with a lovely stark industrial quality.” – Guardian

“Clever plot and some commendably unshowy performances, I can’t wait to find out what happens next… I can’t imagine anyone watching Inside Men felt in the slightest bit short-changed.” – Daily Telegraph

“On-the-money performances… But it’s the idea that this could easily be you or me that gets under the skin. Edge-of-the seat stuff.” – Metro

New York, NY –Inside Men, the next installment of  BBC AMERICA’s Dramaville, follows three security depot employees, who plan and execute a multi-million pound cash heist. Every day they watch as millions of pounds worth of cash is counted, bound and stored in a vault. They see more money than they could ever dream of earning slowly pass them by. That is, until they decide to take it. Inside Men premieres Wednesday, June 20, 10:00pm ET/PT as part of Dramaville.

Gritty and gripping, this new four-part drama riddled with unexpected twists is a story told entirely from the perspectives of three men. They are not seasoned criminals. John (Steven Mackintosh, Luther) is manager of the cash counting house and is too scared to confront the humdrum normality of his life. Marcus (Warren Brown, Luther) is a forklift driver up to his eyes in debt and eager to prove himself to his friends and family. Chris (Ashley Walters, Outcasts) is a depot security guard determined to provide a better life for his family. They are everyday, hard-working men, who see an opportunity, weigh up the risks, and take a leap.

Inside Men is a study of how men behave when they step out of their comfort zones and cross that moral line. What does it mean to risk your freedom? And are John, Marcus and Chris ready to accept the consequences of their actions and endure the resulting fallout on their own consciences?

Inside Men follows the stylish and suspenseful drama, White Heat, continuing BBC AMERICA’s Dramaville, the home of groundbreaking British drama including the Golden Globe®-winning mini-series Luther, Golden Globe®-nominated mini-series The Hour and the upcoming drama series Ripper Street and The Spies of Warsaw.

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John                                         Steven Mackintosh (Luther, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels)

Marcus                                     Warren Brown (LutherGood Cop)

Chris                                        Ashley Walters (SinbadBedlam)

Kirsty                                        Nicola Walker (MI-5Being Human)

Gina                                         Kierston Wareing (Luther, The Shadow Line)

Writer                                       Tony Basgallop (Hotel BabylonBeing Human)

Director                                   James Kent (Marchlands, The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister)

Producer                                 Colin Wratten (Waking the DeadEastEnders)

Executive Producer               Hilary Salmon (Silk, Criminal Justice, Five Days)

Inside Men is a BBC Production

John played by Steven Mackintosh
John, the manager of the cash counting house, is a quiet man. He’s married to Kirsty and they have recently adopted a child, Olivia. As honest as they come, John always makes sure his books balance – no money is ever taken on his watch, and the few times it has been, John has topped up the balance with money from his own pocket. A little shy and not particularly ambitious, he’s seen as a bit of a soft touch by his employees. John realizes that the only way to change his life is to start taking risks, and a risk this big would mean a massive change.

Marcus played by Warren Brown
Marcus is up to his eyes in debt. Five years ago he borrowed everything he could from friends and family and invested it in a hairdressing salon. He lost the lot. He now lives with a fear of failure. Somehow he needs to prove himself.

Chris played by Ashley Walters
Chris is the depot security guard. He’s lonely, as the only significant woman in his life is his alcoholic mother – that is, until he meets Dita, an 18-year-old Polish immigrant. Soon, they are expecting a child together. Chris is determined to give his fledgling family a better life. But is he prepared to take the risk of losing everything?

Episode One
John Coniston finds himself in the middle of his worst nightmare, an armed robbery. His family is taken hostage and a gang of masked-robbers force him to open the safe at gunpoint. He’s been trained for this type of situation, but nothing can prepare him for the shocking reality. Then, a flashback—the series reverts to the time before the heist, a time when John’s life is anything but exciting. Despite all the dreams and ambitions of his early 20s, he’s now entrenched in a humdrum normality – married, mortgaged and scraping by. His one source of pride is his record at work. At his counting house the books are always balanced. Not even a fiver goes missing without him knowing about it. Then one day while checking the accounts John notices that £50,000 has gone missing and he can see his world falling apart. He suspects Chris, the depot security guard and Marcus, a forklift driver, are the ones responsible. John invites the two men into his office to confront them. Instead of turning them in to the police he offers them another way out. Episode One premieres Wednesday, June 20, 10:00pm ET/PT.

Episode Two
The three men have made a decision that will change the rest of their lives. John, Marcus and Chris set about to make their big idea a reality. Their first big challenge is to employ the muscle to help carry out the heist. Marcus has a connection—a businessman named Kalpesh, who can help them with the guns and the men they need for the job. Meanwhile, John has been recommended for a promotion. He gets a pep-talk from his boss on how to assert himself more, but instead of using the advice to get the job, he applies it to help him take control of the newly formed group. When Marcus is on the verge of making a mess of the deal with Kalpesh, John steps in and closes the deal. The series then flashes-forward. Police and media are swarming – John and Marcus are doing their best to act natural in the aftermath of the heist, while Dita watches Chris as he lays helplessly in a hospital. Episode Two premieres Wednesday, June 27, 10:00pm ET/PT.

Episode Three
The team gets their hands on the guns and things suddenly start to feel very real. John is riding high on his newfound confidence and sense of power. He is excited by the macho tasks involved in planning the heist. Although the planning for the heist is starting to come together, the trio’s lives aren’t getting any easier. Gina is frustrated that Marcus is getting sidelined in the scheme – she tells him to demand more responsibility. Meanwhile, Chris finds his mother increasingly difficult to handle as her drinking gets worse and she suffers bouts of confusion and paranoia. He tells the others to count him out, but John tells him it isn’t that simple. Episode Three premieres Wednesday, July 11, 10:00pm ET/PT.

Episode Four
Tensions in the group are starting to build during the final preparations for the heist. There are several new faces at the cash counting house as the staff are merged with another branch. John worries that the new head of security may put the whole job at risk. Gina is offered a proper role in the heist, but struggles with the decision to get fully involved. Everyone tries to remain calm as the big day gets closer; they each savour their old lives for the last time before things change forever .Episode Four premieres Wednesday, July 18, 10:00pm ET/PT.