February 25, 2013

For The First Time Ever Academy Award® Winner Daniel Day-Lewis’ Earlier Performances On DVD: My Brother Jonathan & Triple Feature From BBC Home Entertainment Out March 19

New York, NY BBC Home Entertainment is honored to celebrate Daniel Day-Lewis’ record-making third Academy Award® win last evening by releasing four of Day-Lewis’ incredible early performances on March 19, 2013. Discover the star-making roles that set him on the path to Hollywood long before Lincoln with My Brother Jonathan and Daniel Day-Lewis Triple Feature: How Many Miles to Babylon?The Insurance Man, and Dangerous Corner.

“BBC Home Entertainment has incredible gems in our library and we are thrilled that we can bring these amazing titles showcasing the beginning of Daniel Day-Lewis’ career to the marketplace. He is an extremely talented actor and we are ecstatic that he has once again been recognized by the Academy for his incredible work,” states Soumya Sriraman, EVP Home Entertainment and Licensing for BBC Worldwide.

In My Brother Jonathan, based on the Edwardian romance book by Francis Brett Young, Day-Lewis plays Jonathan, the ungainly, neglected eldest son of a family living in the Black Country.  His younger brother Harold is everything he is not – athletic, handsome and clever.  Despite the favoritism shown to Harold, the two boys build a close friendship that lasts a lifetime and ends in tragedy.

Daniel Day-Lewis Triple Feature includes three pivotal early performances in the award winner’s career. Day-Lewis made one of his earliest screen appearances in the BBC adaptation of Jennifer Johnston’s acclaimed novel How Many Miles to Babylon? Two Irishmen – Alex Moore (Day-Lewis), a Protestant, and his childhood friend Jerry (Christopher Fairbank, Jack the Giant Slayer), a Catholic – enter WWI as soldiers and see their friendship tested as they experience the harsh realities of war.

The second feature is The Insurance Man – an unpredictable tale of well-intentioned deeds with disastrous results written by Alan Bennett (The History Boys). Told through flashbacks, the story follows Franz, who recounts a mysterious skin condition he suffered as a factory worker before the First World War. At Prague’s infamous insurance company, Franz meets Kafka (Day-Lewis), an insurance bureaucrat whose intelligence and compassion are out of place amid the apathy that surrounds him.

The third and final feature is Dangerous Corner, a classic thriller in which Day-Lewis plays publishing executive Gordon Whitehouse. While gathered with his coterie of high society friends and coworkers at the country estate of his business partner, one guest makes a surprising remark about a musical box. This seemingly harmless comment produces a string of shocking revelations with devastating repercussions.