April 4, 2024

Danny Robins takes smash hit BBC podcast stateside in new Uncanny USA series

This spring, award-winning writer and broadcaster Danny Robins is set to take his hit podcast series Uncanny stateside, with unnerving tales of paranormal experiences drawn from across the US. Uncanny USA is available wherever you get your podcasts on Tuesday, April 30th, BBC Podcasts Premium subscribers get 7-day early access to episodes and listen ad-free.

The supernatural investigative series takes listeners on a chilling journey – from Texas to California via the Alaskan wilderness – with first-hand experiences and expert analysis, as well as questions and theories from listeners. Throughout the upcoming series, Danny meets a young man in South Georgia who survived a terrifying night of poltergeist activity seemingly sparked by his Aunt’s ouija board, talks to a woman who believes her father, a former Spy, is contacting her from beyond the grave, and explores a host of other intriguing encounters, sometimes frightening, sometimes moving, that take him on road trip across the States, from the voodoo shops of New Orleans to the celebrity hotspot of Montecito, California.

Also in the series, a chilling case of a potential UFO encounter and sinister cover-ups in the American South, and a journey to uncover one of America’s most enduring mysteries: the legend of Bigfoot.

Danny Robins says “It’s been thrilling watching how Uncanny has grown and connected with so many people over the last couple of years, with listeners around the world sharing their strange experiences with us. I can’t wait to get exploring the stories we have been sent from America, uncovering fresh mysteries and welcoming even more US listeners to our Uncanny family – whether they’re Team Believer or Team Sceptic!”

Rhian Roberts, Commissioning Editor Podcasts, Formats & Digital, BBC Radio 4 says: “We’re expecting some seriously weird and wonderful encounters from the Uncanny team as they go on their paranormal American road trip. Along with the Uncanny community, we want to know if they do spookiness differently across the pond.”

The hugely popular podcast, which began in 2021 and has since made the leap to television via BBC Select in the US and Canada, has created a global community of Uncanny fans ranging from the impassioned believer to the firmly sceptic. Danny is the creator of the BBC’s global smash hit podcasts The Battersea Poltergeist and The Witch Farm, and writer of the award-winning West End play 2:22 – A Ghost Story.


Written and presented by Danny Robins

Editor and Sound Designer: Charlie Brandon-King

Music: Evelyn Sykes

Theme Music: by Lanterns on the Lake

Produced by Danny Robins and Simon Barnard

A Bafflegab and Uncanny Media production for BBC Radio 4.

About Danny Robins

Danny Robins is the creator of BBC Radio 4’s global smash hit podcasts The Battersea Poltergeist and The Witch Farm, and writer of the award-winning West End play 2:22 – A Ghost Story. In recent years, he has been hailed as “the UK’s go-to ghost guy” (Evening Standard), “a latter day Alfred Hitchcock” (Radio Times) and “A contemporary Van Helsing” (Sunday Times) and “High Priest of the Paranormal” (The Guardian). His play 2:22 – A Ghost Story has broken box office records in the West End, was nominated for 3 Olivier Awards, won Best New Play at the WhatsOnStage Awards and has now been performed on five continents, including at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, starring Constance Wu.