February 2, 2012

Classic Doctor Who: February 2012 Releases

Street Date: February 14, 2012
DVD Suggested Retail Price: $24.98 ($30.98 in Canada)
Length: Approx. 150 minutes + bonus features/ single disc

New York, NY — The First Doctor (William Hartnell), Ian, Barbara and Susan land on a spaceship orbiting a distant and mysterious world, where a human crew lies frozen somewhere between life and death. The planet is the Sense-Sphere, home of the Sensorites, beings of immense intelligence and power. Unable to leave, the Doctor and his companions must deduce the Sensorites’ intentions: are they friendly, hostile, or frightened? And what is the deadly secret at the heart of the Sense-Sphere? This DVD collects all six episodes of Doctor Who story number 7, which originally aired in 1964.

Bonus features include:

  • Audio commentary, with actors William Russell (Ian), Carole Ann Ford (Susan), Joe Greig (Second Sensorite), Martyn Huntley (First Human), Giles Phipps (Second Human), director Frank Cox, designer Raymond Cusick and make-up designer Sonia Markham
  • Looking for Peter profile of writer Peter R. Newman
  • Vision On featurette on vision mixing
  • Secret Voices of the Sense-Sphere featurette on the origin of the Sensorite voices

Street Date: February 14, 2012
DVD Suggested Retail Price: $34.98 ($43.98 in Canada)
Length: Approx. 99 minutes/ 2-disc set

On the cave-riddled world of Androzani Minor, the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) and Peri inadvertently find themselves enmeshed in a war fought between the ruthless General Chellak and the sinister Sharaz Jek and his army of androids. The duplicitous politician Morgus wants Chellak to execute the time travelers as spies, while the disfigured Jek seeks to keep Peri forever hostage within his stronghold. But the Doctor soon realizes an even more gruesome fate awaits them – they have been infected with fatal spectrox toxemia, and there is no cure. Hunted by both factions and with death just hours away, how far must the Doctor go in order to save his friend’s life? This DVD collects all four episodes of Doctor Who story 136, which originally aired in 1984.

Bonus features include:

  • Audio commentary by Peter Davison (the Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), and director Graeme Harper
  • Directing Who: Then & Now featurette with Graeme Harper
  • Chain Reaction making-of featurette
  • Behind the Scenes – The Regeneration
  • Behind the Scenes – Creating Sharaz Jek
  • Extended Scenes

The Classic Doctors
The First Doctor – William Hartnell (’63-’66), The Second Doctor – Patrick Troughton (’66-’69), The Third Doctor – Jon Pertwee (’70-’74), The Fourth Doctor – Tom Baker (’74-’81), The Fifth Doctor – Peter Davison (’82-’84), The Sixth Doctor – Colin Baker (’84-’86), The Seventh Doctor – Sylvestor McCoy (’87-’89) and The Eighth Doctor – Paul McGann (’96).