March 30, 2011

BBC Worldwide Productions Lands First Commission In Chile With Mega TV For Make My Body Younger Series

Buenos Aires, Argentina – BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, today announced its first local format commission in Chile of the BBC series Make My Body Younger for Chilean broadcaster MEGA TV. BBC Worldwide will co-produce 13 one-hour episodes of the series with its production partner, GP Media, as well as Calypso TV.

Gareth Williams, SVP of Content & Production, South America, said: “Make My Body Younger is not only a riveting and timely series, but it’s an important program that people of every age should watch. The everyday habits of these individuals are taking years, possibly decades off their lives, and the shocking truths and advice the series offers them could be the last chance they have at getting their lives on a healthier path.” Williams continued, “Launching our first local production in Chile has been exciting, as our partnership with GP Media continues to flourish. With Calypso TV on board, I’m sure the final product will astound Chilean audiences.”

From alcohol binges and bad diets, to sun bed tanning and drugs, Make My Body Younger is an alarming, bluntly revealing reality series that features a selection of young people in Chile who live lives of excess. Each of these young people are probed, prodded and given their very own living autopsy, allowing them to see first-hand the damage their hard-partying lifestyles are doing to their bodies. In a stunning moment, they learn the “biological age” of their internal organs – not the actual age, but the age their organs are functioning at.  Is the shock enough to persuade them to change their ways? A team of specially picked doctors move in with the volunteers to observe their lifestyles, suggesting better ways in which they can alter their behavior without having to give up everything they enjoy. The original Make My Body Younger series was devised and produced by Two Four Productions.

BBC Worldwide holds an exclusive production partnership with the Buenos Aires-based independent production company, GP Media.  Previously, BBC Worldwide and GP Media produced the successful quiz series El Juego del Bicentenario, which broadcasted on TV Publica in Argentina.