September 20, 2016

BBC Worldwide North America and AMI-tv Sign First Content Deal

Program Titles Include David Beckham: For the Love of the Game & 24 Hours on Earth

Toronto, Canada – BBC Worldwide North America has signed a deal for over 50 hours of factual content with AMI-tv, the digital cable channel owned by Accessible Media Inc. Program titles in the deal include David Beckham: For the Love of the Game and 24 Hours on Earth.  AMI-tv is a unique Canadian television channel that offers two specialized features, open described video and closed captioning, on all of its programming making it accessible to people who are blind, partially sighted, deaf, or hard of hearing.

Matt Forde, EVP, Content Production, Sales & Distribution, BBC Worldwide North America said, “AMI-tv is one of the most respected non-profit multimedia organizations in Canada.  They provide an incredible service and we look forward to this deal marking the beginning of great things to come.”

“We are thrilled to present these documentaries in an accessible format to our audience,” explains Brian Perdue, Director of Programming for AMI-tv. “We’ve learned through research and focus groups that our viewers are hungry for this type of thought-provoking, educational and unique programming that we haven’t before featured on AMI-tv.”

The deal was brokered by Brad Horvath, Content Sales Executive for BBC Worldwide North America in Canada in conjunction with Brian Perdue, Director of Programming at AMI-tv.

David Beckham: For the Love of the Game features the soccer legend as he sets himself the challenge of a lifetime: to play a soccer match on all seven continents of the globe and get back to the UK in time for his own star-studded UNICEF fundraising match at Manchester’s Old Trafford stadium. This epic journey sees David travel to 11 countries over 13 days. Playing the beautiful game in some of the most challenging and remote locations of the world, he discovers how important the sport is to the different people he meets and plays with. As he visits locations such as the icy landscapes of Antarctica and the jungles of Papua New Guinea, David highlights the game’s unique ability to inspire and unite people across the world.

David Beckham: For the Love of the Game is an A 7 Games and Big Earth production for BBC.

24 Hours on Earth travels through a virtual day, from dawn to dusk to night, showing how different animals have adapted to make the most out of every moment. The sun creates the daily rhythm for life on Earth – hour by hour its exact position is critical. For every animal, each day is packed with both danger and opportunity. Some hunt in the blazing midday heat, others in the darkness of night. Animals have evolved astonishing strategies to exploit these key moments in the cycle of our planet. 24 Hours on Earth follows the huge highs and desperate lows of their daily struggle for survival.

24 Hours on Earth is an A 7 Games and Big Earth production for BBC.