August 31, 2011

BBC Worldwide Announces VOD Deal with VTR in Latin America

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil – BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, secured a deal with Chilean broadcaster VTR for VOD rights to a raft of BBC programs. The deal was announced today at BBC Showcase Latin America. Helen Jurado, VP, Sales and Distribution for BBC Worldwide Latin America, brokered the deal.

VTR will acquire a number of series across the Lifestyle, History, and Documentary genres. Notable titles include the series On Thin Ice which follows double Olympic gold medalist James Cracknel, TV presenter Ben Fogle, and a member of the British public as they compete in one of the world’s greatest challenges – a race to the South Pole; Private Life of a Masterpiece, a fascinating series that reveals surprising revelations behind seminal works of art; the series Dan Cruickshank’s Adventures in Architecture, where Dan Cruickshank takes viewers on a trip around the world celebrating different types of architecture; and Great British Journeys, a series that follows Nick Crane as he travels authentically by foot, horse and coracle, on eight epic endurance journeys, through the wildest of landscapes, following the footsteps of Britain’s greatest indigenous explorers.

Helen Jurado said, “We’ve collaborated with VTR in the past on traditional television program sales, and this marks our first VOD partnership. This deal exemplifies the immense diversity of our catalog and our commitment to making content available on all platforms for our clients.”

BBC Showcase Latin America is the region’s only television market hosted by a single distributor. This year marks the event’s seventh anniversary. The event concludes today.