January 23, 2012

BBC Home Entertainment Releases: February 2012

New York, NY —

Street Date: February 7, 2012 (Canada only-Available now in US)
DVD Suggested Retail Price: $43.98 (Canada)
Blu-Ray Suggested Retail Price: $49.98 (Canada)
Length: Approx. 344 minutes + bonus features/ 2-disc set

2012 Golden Globe nominee for Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Golden Globe nominees Romola Garai (Atonement, Emma) and Dominic West (The Wire, 300) join Ben Whishaw (Skyfall, Layer Cake) in The Hour, the series The New York Times names one of the top 10 televisions series of 2011. Set behind the scenes of the BBC newsroom just as a new investigative program is launched, the drama plots the personal lives and professional interplay between aspiring but renegade journalist Freddie Lyon (Whishaw), the beautiful ambitious young producer Bel Rowley (Garai) with whom he is in love, and his handsome rival Hector Madden (West), the face and lead anchorman of this rising television news team. The Hour plays out as a riveting thriller set against the backdrop of the Cold War.  Viewers witness the decade on the threshold of change – from the ruthless sexual politics behind the polite social façade of the ‘50s to the revelations that redefined the world for a new generation. Over the course of six episodes, the interplay of professional ambition and romance within news team plays out against the intrigue of a mysterious murder and Freddie’s controversial and dangerous investigation into it. Bonus features include “Behind the Scenes at The Hour” and “Creating The Hour.”

Street Date: February 7, 2012
DVD Suggested Retail Price: $14.98 ($18.74 in Canada)
Length: Approx. 50 minutes/ single disc

“Beautifully filmed… And Alan Rickman’s delivery of Reid’s fluent, witty verse is dazzlingly seductive.” –Evening Standard

Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson star in this powerful, humorous and visually arresting fusion of poetry and drama.The Song of Lunch is based on award winning author Christopher Reid’s narrative poem following the story of an unnamed book editor who is meeting his former love 15 years after their break-up for a nostalgic lunch at the Soho restaurant they used to frequent. The woman is now living a glamorous life in Paris, married to a world-renowned writer. The unnamed editor has failed in his writing career, detests his mundane publishing job and regrets the end of their love affair. When he arrives at the restaurant, he finds it under new management and much changed, and this seems to fuel his resentment about growing older and being left behind. The stage is set for an emotional and bittersweet reunion. As the wine flows, and the couple rake over their failed relationship, nostalgia slowly turns to recrimination.

Street Date: February 7, 2012
DVD Suggested Retail Price: $29.98 ($37.48 in Canada)
Length: Approx. 239 minutes + bonus features/ 2-disc set

You may know Steve Coogan from his scene-stealing turns in films like Tropic Thunder or Night at the Museum, but these phenomenally successful stage shows are what established Steve Coogan as one of the best live comedy performers in the world. Now for the first time on DVD, you can laugh-out-loud with all your favorite Coogan characters, including Alan Partridge and Paul and Pauline Calf. Bonus features include highlights from Coogan’s Australia tour, Paul and Pauline Calf animations, and the behind the scenes documentary: “Steve Coogan: An Inside Story,” with appearances by Julia Davis, Vic Reeves, and Bob Mortimer.

Street Date: February 14, 2012
DVD Suggested Retail Price: $14.98 ($18.74 in Canada)
Blu-ray Suggested Retail Price: $19.89 ($24.95 in Canada)
Length: Approx. 60 minutes + bonus features/ single disc

“The best Sci-Fi on television” – New York Post

For the new Doctor Who Christmas Special, the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) is joined by a stellar cast, including Claire Skinner (Outnumbered), Bill Bailey (Black Books), Arabella Weir (The Fast Show) and Alexander Armstrong (Armstrong & Miller), in a festive, emotional special, packed full of Christmas thrills and chills. The special, set during World War II, sees Madge Arwell and her two children, Lily and Cyril, evacuated to a draughty old house in Dorset, where the caretaker is a mysterious young man in bow tie, and a big blue parcel is waiting for them under the tree. They are about to enter a magical new world and learn that a Time Lord never forgets his debts… Bonus features include three Doctor Who specials, “Best of the Doctor,” “Best of the Companions” and “Best of the Monsters.”

Street Date: February 14, 2012
DVD Suggested Retail Price: $24.98 ($30.98 in Canada)
Length: Approx. 150 minutes + bonus features/ single disc

The First Doctor (William Hartnell), Ian, Barbara and Susan land on a spaceship orbiting a distant and mysterious world, where a human crew lies frozen somewhere between life and death. The planet is the Sense-Sphere, home of the Sensorites, beings of immense intelligence and power. Unable to leave, the Doctor and his companions must deduce the Sensorites’ intentions: are they friendly, hostile, or frightened? And what is the deadly secret at the heart of the Sense-Sphere?  Bonus features include audio commentary, with actors William Russell, Carole Ann Ford, Joe Greig, Martyn Huntley, Giles Phipps, director Frank Cox, designer Raymond Cusick and make-up designer Sonia Markham, Looking for Peter writer profile, Vision On, Secret Voices of the Sense Sphere, Photo Gallery, and original design drawings.

Street Date: February 14, 2012
DVD Suggested Retail Price: $34.98 ($43.98 in Canada)
Length: Approx. 99 minutes/ 2-disc set

On the cave-riddled world of Androzani Minor, the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) and Peri inadvertently find themselves enmeshed in a war fought between the ruthless General Chellak and the sinister Sharaz Jek and his army of androids.

The duplicitous politician Morgus wants Chellak to execute the time travelers as spies, while the disfigured Jek seeks to keep Peri forever hostage within his stronghold. But the Doctor soon realizes an even more gruesome fate awaits them – they have been infected with fatal spectrox toxemia, and there is no cure. Hunted by both factions and with death just hours away, how far must the Doctor go in order to save his friend’s life? Bonus features include audio commentary, Directing Who: Then & Now, Behind-the-scenes – The Regeneration, and Behind-the-scenes – Creating Sharaz Jek, Extended Scenes, photo galleries and Easter eggs.

Street Date: February 21, 2012
DVD Suggested Retail Price: DVD $34.98 ($43.98 in Canada)
Blu-ray Suggested Retail Price: $39.98 ($49.98 in Canada)
Length: Approx. 338 minutes + bonus features/ 2-disc set

BBC Home Entertainment brings to audiences a new supernatural horror series by 2011 Royal Television Society Award-winning writer Jack Thorne (the original UK Skins). Iain De Caestecker (Coronation Street) is Paul, a young man who is haunted by apocalyptic dreams that neither his therapist nor his best friend, Mac (Daniel Kaluuya, Skins, Sucker Punch), can provide answers for. Worse still, Paul has started seeing the Fades – the spirits of the dead – all around him. They’re everywhere but normally can’t be seen, heard or touched – until now. An embittered and vengeful Fade has found a way to break the barrier between the dead and the living, and Paul, Mac and their loved ones find themselves in the middle of it all. The worst is only yet to come as the fate of humanity rests in the hands of the two friends who already have enough trouble getting through a day in one piece, let alone saving the world. Bonus features include behind-the-scenes featurette, deleted scenes and outtakes.

Street Date: February 21, 2012
DVD Suggested Retail Price: $34.98 ($43.98 in Canada)
Blu-ray Suggested Retail Price: $39.98 ($49.98 in Canada)
Length: Approx. 338 minutes + bonus features/ 2-disc set

The world’s longest-running sitcom returns with more antics from everyone’s favorite geriatrics. Compo is just as smitten with Nora as ever, so when Smiler becomes her lodger, Compo is left depressed. Compo, Smiler and Foggy track down one of Compo’s old friends from school hoping to cash in on an old debt. Foggy also has his inventor’s cap back on this season. He creates a chair lift to get up hills and a pole vault to help Compo hang a washing line for Nora, but as usual, his brilliant ideas lead to a few mishaps along the way. Finally, in the Christmas special, Foggy starts a new business venture, enlisting Compo as his first employee. Bonus features includes the 1991 Christmas Special: Situation Vacant.

Street Date: February 21, 2012
DVD Suggested Retail Price: $29.98 ($37.48 in Canada)
Length: Approx. 300 minutes/ 2-disc set

The Story Of Ireland is a five-part landmark history of Ireland presented by Fergal Keane (Wild AfricaGreat Railway Journeys). Ireland is living through a significant period in its cycle of history – since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, the country has been at peace. This is unprecedented in the history of modern Ireland and so seems like a perfect time to reflect on the Irish as a people and as a modern European nation. The story of Ireland is vivid, exciting and immensely varied. It is far more than the sum of old clichés and myths. This series sees Ireland as an international island which is both changed by and helps to change the world beyond her shores.

Street Date: February 28, 2012
DVD Suggested Retail Price: $24.98 ($43.98 in Canada)
Blu-Ray Suggested Retail Price: $29.99 ($37.48 in Canada)
Length: Approx. 362 minutes + bonus features/ 3-disc set

It’s more madness, mayhem, and motor hilarity with the world’s most popular car entertainment show, Top Gear! This seasonbegins with Jeremy throwing a low key party for the 50thanniversary of the legendary Jaguar E-type—complete with live music, classic fighter planes and a group of Royal Marines. Richard Hammond finds himself in South Africa testing a bigger, even more rugged alternative to the famous Hummer while James May meets up with gold medal winning British Olympian Amy Williams for a wintry test of the latest Mini rally car. The boys then head to Italy to take part in a series of tricky challenges (and increasingly loud arguments) as they attempt to find the world’s best hot hatchback. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a full track test of the incredible McLaren MP4-12C as it meets its deadliest supercar rival, the Ferrari 458. “Celebrities in a Reasonably Priced Car” include rock legend Alice Cooper, comedian Ross Noble and Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel.  Bonus features includes a bonus episode from Top Gear US, behind-the-scenes chats with Amy Williams and Ross Noble, and behind-the-scenes Celebrity Laps.