May 2, 2013 Launches New Features Page, Culture

New York, NY – launches its latest feature section – Culture – to inspire readers to indulge in cultural, design and style trends. Benefitting from its global reach, the BBC has a long tradition of covering film, music and art.

Complete with compelling columns, clips from BBC World News programs, exclusive BBC archive treasures, info graphics, and special events sideline reporting, is the one-stop resource for global cultural content. Featured columns at launch include:

  • The Reel World – Tom Brook, renowned BBC film reporter, examines the latest trends on screen and in the movie industry
  • Key Changes – Miranda Sawyer, BBC presenter and pop-culture author, examines the changing face of pop music and the industry behind it
  • Design Icons – Jonathan Glancey, author and expert on architecture, explains the enduring appeal of classic buildings, objects and fashion items
  • Wardrobe Decoder – Robb Young, renowned English fashion journalist, explains the hidden messages in the clothes of people in the news
  • Counterpoint – Clemency Burton-Hill, BBC presenter and author, brings you the biggest stories from the world of classical music
  • The Art Market – Georgina Adam, editor-at-large of The Art Newspaper, reports on the business of art from established capitals and emerging art centers



Interview opportunities available with:

  • Jonathan Fildes,’s Managing Editor, Feature sections @jonfildes

Featured Columnists: