May 12, 2014

BBC AMERICA’s First Original Comedy Series Almost Royal Premieres June 21

A Tale of Two Young (Practically Royal) British Aristocrats on Their First Trip to America

New York, NYJust a hop, skip and a jump away from the throne, siblings Georgie (Ed Gamble) and Poppy (Amy Hoggart) Carlton were born into a life of privilege, splendor and royalty…almost. BBC AMERICA’s first original comedy series, Almost Royal, follows the two young British aristocrats as they venture outside the palace and across the pond on their first trip to the U.S., where they interact with real-life, unsuspecting everyday Americans. Crowns and cricket are traded for tobacco and baseball, Buckingham is swapped for Beverly Hills, and instead of tea with the duke and duchess, it’s a protein pump with Fabio and a ride along a Texan range. Georgie and Poppy are about to have their silver spoons plucked from their mouths and their thrones pulled right out from under them. BBC AMERICA’s half-hour comedy series, Almost Royal, premieres with back-to-back episodes Saturday, June 21, 10:00pm ET following the Orphan Black season two finale.

Georgie and Poppy Carlton are heirs to Caunty Manor, a large country estate in Norfolk, England, where they have enjoyed privileged lives as distant descendants of the British Royal Family. They have agreed to have a camera crew follow them on an unofficial royal tour of the greatest country on earth – the United States of America; an eye-opening expedition that brings them face-to-face with the people of Los Angeles, Boston, Texas, New York, Nashville, Detroit and Washington DC. In fact, it was their father’s dying wish that his children visit America, a country he loved dearly. As well as commemorating their late father, Lord Carlton, the road trip will provide the sheltered siblings with an opportunity to spread their wings and see the world. Georgie and Poppy have never worked a day in their lives, driven themselves anywhere or solved any problem more complex than telling their butler to tell their cook what they want for lunch.

The series is produced by Burning Bright Productions with Clive Tulloh (Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man, The Dame Edna Treatment) as executive producer and Seamus Murphy-Mitchell (Bug, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross) as series producer. BBC AMERICA’s slate of British comedies has included Absolutely Fabulous, Twenty Twelve, The Inbetweeners, The Thick of It and The Office.

Almost Royal is a BBC AMERICA original series produced by Burning Bright Productions and distributed by BBC Worldwide.

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Click for Georgie and Poppy’s Royal Introduction (Video)

Cast and Production Credits
Georgie Carlton                                   Ed Gamble

Poppy Carlton                                      Amy Hoggart


Series Producer                                   Seamus Murphy-Mitchell


Series Director                                    Chris Faith


Executive Producer                          Clive Tulloh


Director                                              Marcus Liversedge

Episodes:                                            New York, Detroit, DC

Character Guide
Georgie Carlton (Ed Gamble) is the most affable man one could meet. He’s using the trip around America as a way to become more “manly” in order to take on the responsibilities of Caunty Manor and live up to his father’s legacy.

Twitter: @GeorgeCarltonUK

Poppy Carlton (Amy Hoggart) is looking forward to raising her profile on the trip around America. She has high hopes of finding fame as a pop star/actor/author/lifestyle-guru/cookery presenter. Poppy has all of the self-delusion required to find fame without having a scrap of talent.

Twitter: @PoppyCarlton

Royal Q&A
Distant heirs to the throne, siblings Georgie and Poppy Carlton are the latest Brits on the scene. Here’s a peek into their polished perspective…

What are your favorite qualities in a man/woman?

Poppy: I really like rich men, they’ve got so much less to prove. And such nice cars. I’d only go out with a poor person if he was pretending, such as for a film or to get their inheritance.

Georgie: Trustworthy, large hands, a low center of gravity. I’m not terribly fussy. Any woman who will have me, really.

Which living person do you most admire?

G: That’s a tough one, I really admire Father you see, but he’s just ceased to be in the ‘living’ category, which is a real shame. Can I say The Rock?

Who are your heroes in real life?

P: My heroes are people who have achieved everything against the odds and are an inspiration to us all. I can’t think of any examples right now.

What is your greatest fear?

P: Getting ugly.

G: Poppy getting ugly. I’d be the only one of our family to leave the house.

What is your motto?

G: Ah, I know this one. It’s something in Latin. Venti Latte or something like that. Latin was never my strong suit at school.

P: Don’t be afraid to be yourself, if you like toffee yogurt, eat toffee yogurt. That’s what I always say.

Which living person do you most despise?

P: Do you know Tabitha?

G: I don’t really despise anyone so I’ll just say I don’t like chaps with bad manners. Or chaps who come around asking for Mummy, smelling of cologne. Or chaps who come around asking for Poppy, smelling of cologne.

What is it that you most dislike?

P: Do you know Tabitha?

G: People who criticize our country ways. And farmers.

What is your current state of mind?

P: Ready to seize the day. Or maybe go back to bed. So, contrary but open…

G: I’m quite hungry.

What is your most treasured possession?

P: Gosh, I’ve got so many. My handbag. It’s full of lovely things.

G: I think I’d have to say Father [gestures to urn]. Since he died, it’s been lovely to have him around all the time and I’ll be honest – he’s much more manageable like this.

How would you like to die?

P: I would like to live forever.

G: Eaten by my dogs.

Episode Synopses
Season Premiere with Back to Back Episodes

Episode One – Los Angeles, Saturday, June 21, 10:00 PM ET
A very unconventional royal tour of America commences in Los Angeles. Distant heirs to the throne, siblings Georgie and Poppy Carlton are the latest Brits on the scene. After a bicycle ride around Beverly Hills and a consultation with a plastic surgeon, they meet with some Hollywood movers and shakers in an attempt to launch Poppy’s acting career.

Episode Two – Boston, Saturday, June 21, 10:30 PM ET
Continuing their stateside tour, British royalty Georgie and Poppy Carlton travel to Boston to discover a bit of American history. They learn about the British humiliation in the Revolutionary War, come away parched from a Tea Party meeting, ‘trash talk’ with a local baseball team and attempt to rewrite history during a battle re-enactment.

Episode Three – Texas, Saturday, June 28, 10:00 PM ET
Britain’s most regal aristocrats – Georgie and Poppy Carlton – embrace the Texan way of life.  When they’re not saddling up on a ranch or embracing the culture, they’re hitting the studio to record their own Tejano music and bidding at an auction for cattle semen. There’s also a chance to be thrown in the air by a team of cheerleaders and to get under the skin of the local taxidermist.

Episode Four – New York, Saturday, July 5, 10:00 PM ET
True Brits Georgie and Poppy have arrived in a very chilled New York. A local hipster in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood introduces them to the art of proper coffee making, they are relieved to discover that a ‘selfie’ isn’t what they feared it was, and Poppy makes an unforgettable appearance at New York Fashion Week.

Episodes Five-Seven will be released on a later date.